The Mass Spectrometry Centre (MSC) is a Core Facility at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Vienna. It is the faculty’s main point of contact for research problems that can be solved by mass spectrometry. The MSC is run by an experienced team with high expertise and offers analytical services and research support using a broad spectrum of modern mass spectrometers.

The MSC has a wide focus, both technically and thematically. We routinely analyze:

- volatile molecules,
- synthetic organic compounds and metal-organic complexes,
- natural products from microorganisms, plants, and animals,
- synthetic polymers and
- diverse biomolecules & biopolymers.

We are involved in a number of research projects, which are mainly in the areas of bioanalysis and environmental analysis (proteomics, metabolomics), food chemistry and physiological chemistry, as well as biological and medicinal chemistry. In addition, we develop new and improve established methods and workflows.

Members of the faculty can access the services of the MSC in three different ways:

  • For simple service measurements, it is sufficient to submit a sample.
  • We are happy to engage in scientific cooperations to tackle more complex and bigger research projects.
  • Members of experienced research groups can be trained and authorized to use instruments autonomously.

Provided that the capacities can be made available, we are happy to support other departments of the University of Vienna, partners of the Vienna Life Science Instruments (VLSI), national and international academic institutions, as well as SMEs and industry in the way of scientific cooperations and contract analyses.